Family Ministry Weekend March 2015

During the weekend of March 21/22 we were delighted to welcome a visit from Claire Wesley who is Bishop's Adviser for Children's Ministry in the Diocese of Birmingham.

On the Saturday she led a workshop for leaders representing the chaplaincies of St Andrew's Gothenburg in Sweden, St Nicholas Helsinki in Finland, St Saviour Riga in Latvia, and all four congregations in Norway. The workshop looked at how to help our children grow spiritually and how as leaders we can be the spiritual people to support them in this. 

On Sunday the childrens' worship in Sunday School was in the form of Godly play, where the group "reenacted" the last supper, even cooking up some unleavened bread.

Claire preached about how to be the kind of all age church we need to be if we want to help everyone to be followers of Jesus.

It was all well timed with the admission to Communion of eight members of our youth group.


Claire also led a meeting for interested parents about fostering the prayer life and spiritual awareness of children as those who are already disciples of Jesus.

Ven Brian Russell, who hosted the weekend, said "The weekend was inspirational, giving wisdom, insight and practical as well as realistic possibilities for developing our children."

Claire Wesley, a Reader in Birmingham Diocese, summed up the weekend:  "If we wonder alongside our children, in an open an honest way, we can all be transformed by the process.  I was impressed by the qualities of the lay leaders who came from the Deanery and their commitment and concern to build up the children spiritually in their Chaplaincies."

(photographs by Emma Prunty)

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