What to expect when you visit St Edmund's

"I was a stranger and you welcomed me … "

Many people find that they want to come to a service at St Edmund's but are not sure what to expect.

Some may feel embarrassed that they don’t know much about Christianity or the Church, or they may think they don’t believe enough to be part of a faith community. Some are not sure whether people from other denominations are welcome in an Anglican church. Some may be uncertain as to whether they need to be a native English speaker to be part of St Edmund's. 

Our response is that all are welcome here! And our invitation is to you to come and join us and to see what you make of us. You may be surprised to find others like yourself …

The main worship is at 11.00 am each Sunday morning.

We are located in the centre of Oslo. See the Find Us page.

Coffee, Tea and FriendshiCoffee at St Edmund'sp
At the heart of Christian teaching is the building and strengthening of community, families and friendships. Many people at St Edmund's are a long way from home and everyone can benefit from a friendly chat, a cup of tea (ok, coffee in Norway!) and Christian fellowship.

Come down to the crypt after the service and get to know us. We’d love to have the chance to know you.

There are various other social activities arranged during the year including the Harvest auction in September, the family summer picnic, Christmas Bazaar in November, pancake party on Shrove Tuesday, Lent lunches, Lent groups, and more.

What happens at the Sunday service?

You will first be welcomed by someone at the entrance, given a hymn book, a news-sheet and a service booklet and invited to sit anywhere in the main part of the church. At 11.00 the choir and clergy enter as everyone stands to sing a hymn (a song of praise to God). At the heart of our worship is our giving thanks to God but we also acknowledge our need of God and each other.

The service is in parts. First, we gather and ask that God will open our hearts and allow us to see something of his beauty and freshness, to see who we really are too, to acknowledge where we have gone wrong and to be forgiven and strengthened for the future.

Secondly, we listen to readings from the Bible. A talk (sermon) is given that explores what we have heard and tries to enrich our reflection.

Lastly, after giving voice to our faith, praying for those in need and sharing peace with each other (turning to our neighbour, shaking hands and saying “Peace be with you”), we remember the night in which Jesus gathered with his friends, shared bread and wine with them and asked them to do likewise in his memory. As Jesus Christ is for us the window onto the nature and reality of God, our remembrance is more than just nostalgia. It literally re-members us together as a Christian family, recalls us to the heart of reality. At the end of the service we are sent into the world so that we might bring Christ’s priorities and peace to our own communities.

What should I wear?
Whatever you are comfortable in!
There are no rules or regulations and a typical congregation will include all types of people and all age groups.

Can I bring children?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Children are encouraged to join the Sunday School (please ask when you arrive) but children are also welcome to stay in church for the service. For more information on the Sunday school click here.

Can I make a prayer request?
Of course!
Please contact the Chaplain to let him/her know your request. We bring all these requests before God at the main Sunday service.

How do I join St Edmund's?
Just by coming on Sundays!
Please fill out the Newcomer's Welcome form. After six months you can apply to join the Electoral Roll of the church, which gives you the opportunity to vote when there are important decisions.

Can I talk to someone about problems, faith and my life?
Yes, of course!
Please contact the Chaplain on a Sunday morning or by email or phone, or ask one of the welcomers at the entrance when you arrive on Sundays.

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